Today is Tuesday and it’s my first day blogging.  Since it’s my first day blogging I don’t know what to say so ill just start by saying what I link to do. Ok here we go: I like to play soccer,be with my friends,have fun, reading (sometimes). I’m also in sixth grade and going into middle school next yea.  My favorite color is purple and I’ve been in Daisy’s class for 7 years. I have many friends and I love hanging out with them. That’s pretty much it!

Party time

Today’s the big party and I have so much to do. First I have to go to get the balloons,then we have to go get the cake,next we have to come back and get the reception ready. Finally I have to go to my house and get ready. The first person to arrive is my friend,I was so happy to see her. Then come my grandparents and a lot of other family members after. We all ate first,afterwards we got to just hang around. Then we cut the cake and opened presents. I got so much money. Today was a pretty good day!

Orthodontics appointment

As I walk in the orthodontics with fear wondering what their going to do. I sit down and then they call my name “it’s ok” I think in my head while I walk into where I’m going to sit. They ask me what color I want. Today I got blue. They had to but an e-chain which is something that helps with the spaces in between my teeth. It hurts at first but not that much.  I change my colors on my braces each month so I wonder what color I’ll get next month…?

Im 12!!!!!

I’m 12!! Today is my birthday. I woke up with a big smile on my face happier than ever. Since its my birthday I got to straighten my hair. At school all my friends kept on saying happy birthday. At lunchtime almost everyone sang happy birthday and I thought it was super nice even though I already knew they were going to. Its a Friday so we got out of school at 12:50 I’m not having a party today but tomorrow. I am and I’m so exited!!